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I recently bought a dvd collection from a link I was given. I bought the complete series of the show Third Watch. When i got to season 2 I started having a lot of problems. 2 episodes have stopped working (one 1/2 way though, another 3 minutes into it!) and I have been unable to get them to continue.

THEN I realized that between 2 of the discs, there are TWENTY TWO episodes missing. One disc ends about halfway though one season, and than the next disc starts half way through the next! I don't know how they could have messed up this bad when making the dvds (22 episodes!)

So of course, I emailed them telling them all these problems and I told them I want to return the product and get my money back! (You can not return an item from them until they give you a specific number, or something). I emailed them ions ago! Shouldn't they have emailed me back by now?! I emailed them again and still nothing. I mean, I spent over 100 bucks on this show from them, and they will not email me back! What am I suppose to do now?

Monetary Loss: $180.

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