I ordered the complete Cosby Show series on 12-14-07 and wa simmediately charged $127.72 on my credit card. After 2 weeks and no product, I attempted to call their toll fre enumber.....out of service.

i then attempted to contact them via email....they responded 6 days later and said please be patient, it's coming. Then I received 3 emails over 8 days stating that the item wa son backorder and I coul dcancel the order by replying tot he email send to me by them. Well, they kept sending me emails, but never cancelled the order. Finally got someone on their live chat and they begged me to be paatient and kept offering me perks...like 10% off my purchase.

Finally got them to say they woul drefund my money but would take 10 business days....still nothing. Finally disputed charge on my Visa and am hoping to get it resolved quickly.


Monetary Loss: $128.

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My credit card company couldn't help me so a costly lesson learned, I hope other's don't fall for there scam. There should be a law to stop this kind of thing.


:cry Search->age 31 for man not TV addict. No.Dad Stanford prof:No TV;Read;Exercise:We were happy.

I had skeletal pain age 20. Kaiser:Take Antidepressant:It was tranquili-zer.Now:8-10 Painful conditions.Can\'t sit up to watch TV with husband,TV addict.Trapped on bed;he watches TV in other room.No real TV Ad-dicts Anon.Meetings 4 me to meet Real People; too much pain to go to meetings even online or sit; besides there aren\'t any - name/picture/wording stolen by this scam business. Can\'t even hold phone for 1-1/2 hrs - time of REAL Anon. meetings.

Had stroke injury to arm from my metal camping "TV chair" while he sits in padded leather recliner. :cry


I can't read your security code. You deleted a very tragic message.

I can't write it again. I have 8 - 10 conditions that were originally just skeletal but was abandoned by a TV addict. Now I'm trapped on the bed while he watches TV in the other room. I can't watch "with" him because my spine is fractured and i can't sit up any more.

I had a stroke injury from a metal "TV" chair. He has a padded leather recliner.


I too fell victim to TV Addicts purchasing bootleg damaged unwatchable seasons of The George Lopez show. Too bad I saw this forum after the fact.

i immediately contacted Chase to dispute the charge. I was able to send them back as they did not come from any company. Just a box from China in Chinese probably from someones home as they seemed to be taped from the tv with commercials included.I ordered them thru TV Addicts...paid thru CASHOO.EU?...and a box came from China???

My charge was reversed back to me as i have no way to contact anyone TV Addicts does not respond the number is bogus and Me being a good customer paying my bills on time is not enough for my bank to help me out in this matter. It is not over.


Well the Nash Bridges DVDs arrived, surprise surprise they are total ***, the email doesn't work so I am now hoping my credit card company can help me, please please don't touch this company with a barge pole!


I didn't find out about this until after I'd ordered Nash Bridges box set for £82 so I'm now waiting and expecting to receive (it's in China at the moment) a box set of ***. How do these people sleep at night!


i, too, have fell victim to tvaddicts.tv on 11-15-11!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM TVADDICTS.TV!!!!!

i cannot believe it is still up and operating as i did research reviews(of course, after the fact)and it has been scamming people for years!!!! i hope and pray it is shut down and held accountable for all the money it has stolen from so many victims!!!


Have just read all the above comments and to my annoyance and sadness i too have been ripped off.. they were pretty quick to grab my money off my credit card.. grrr..have sent several emails and not one of them answered...

What are the bloody authorities doing about this.. im from australia so they have stung me for $34.95 just in shipping costs for ordering The Nanny box set for $19.95..

these ppl really suck..


i found this site to late i ordered walker texas ranger complete series on 2nd sept they say order shipped sent tracking add cant find it sent 3 e/mails no answer so had my doubts now cantacting crenit card people


i encourage all that have complaints about tvaddicts to go to scam.com and report your complaint..lawyers monitor that site and mayb we can get a class action lawsuit against them


TV Addicts is a scam. I tried ordering the Defenders.

I emailed them and left messages by phone, but no response. In the interim, I read that there are no copies of the Defender series. CBS destroyed all the tapes for some reason. I had a bad feeling about TV Addicts all along.

One time, I read that TV Addicts was being restricted from selling, but for some reason they are now back, trying to dupe honest people. Too bad. These dishonest people and businesses deserve to be found out, prosecuted and prohibited from doing business. All the complaints above have confirmed my suspicions.

I am glad I never ordered anything from them, because of my doubts. SO, DON'T YOU ORDER FROM TV ADDICTS.


well what can i say....got scrubs season 1-6 from them, casses was damage and the series cd1 to 17 was not in order season 3 will be on disc 16 and 2 will be on 17....so after a while i keep on complaining and i got so far that they will refund me, they need to sent it to their supervisor/manager and then all be sorted out.....that was in 2007 and im still waiting july 2011


Thank you all for saving me from giving them money. I have been looking for WKRP seasons 2-4. This site says they have it but now I'll watch for TVLand...

Thank you :)


their address is..

3700 Rue Griffith #unit 62

St.Laurent , Quebec

H4t2B3 Canada.

They are NOT!! Canadain.. They are FRENCH../ Not considered Canadain..but their own sovern place.. They are NOT liked but Canada or USA.. BEWARE french from Quebec


I just read the above comments and was glad I did!Classic tv series.com got me for $90.00 in shipping costs.dvd's I ordered you could'nt watch,all 6 seasons,also I bought 2 sets.They said I will get a full refund,minus shipping!THEY CAME FROM CHINA!!! :( :(


hello to all i have just read the complaints about tvaddicts and will add my two cents worth, i ordered batman tv series all episodes, and found disc one wouldn't lock in and disc two showed it was recorded from cable and via computer transferred to dvd-r, the quality was like watching a video :( i thank all for the comments and i have tried contacting them but to no avail so from australia i too have been ripped off :( :( :(


Cheers guys. Almost ordered Two guys and a Girl from tvaddicts, but thought something was a bit off! Spread the word.


This scam company operates out of Canada and tapes the shows directly off of TV then transfers the episodes to DVD. The quality is horrible and it amazes me that they have not been shut down as of yet!

They use several different web site names but if you compare them all, they have many similarities.

Go to legitimate companies like Amazon.com to purchase your TV Show DVD sets. Also check at tvshowsondvd.com to see what shows have been legitimately released!


Thanks for letting all of us be on the alert.

I saw Season 5 of Rhoda on their website.

Was almost willing to pay $84.50 even though I have 2-4.

This week AMAZON is selling the Mary Tyler Moore show seasons under $9. Just in time to cause deep regret on my part as I finally completed the series with season 7 last month.


I ordered Freddys Nightmares the complete series

they charged my account but no confirmation e-mail I waited 4 days then called my bank they gave me a phhone number in the UK. i called it and they sent me an e-mail with tracking info.

The dvd's came from China I got them in about 14 days they had 44 episodes on 3 dvd's and it was the worst bootleg i ever watched some episodes were unviewable. 174.98 dollars for the worst bootleg I own.

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