I ordered a set of dvds from tv addicts (aka dvd craze; they operate under several different names as well). Several of the discs wouldn't play at all, and all of them were damaged to some degree. I contacted them and they promised to send out replacements. Never got them.

I contacted them again, and they said the set was out of stock. It was, however, still available on their website! I contacted them several more times, and each time they reassured me they would be sending it right out to me. When I directly requested a refund, they ignored that e-mail, and I haven't heard from then since. It's been over a year now, and I realize I have been taken. I took a risk and bought the set from another online dealer (it cost about 1/2 as much as the one from dvdcraze had cost), and it has been WONDERFUL!

The dvdcraze set is worthless, and I no longer hold out any hope of them replacing the discs or refunding my money. Just wanted to warn other people to be wary of these sites, and keep in mind, they have several different aliases, but their sites all have the same phrases, so it is possible to tell which ones are owned by this unethical group.

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