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I waited for months to get the DVDs I ordered. They finally arrived and I found out very quickly that they were junk.

Most of the DVDs will not play. I tried unsuccessfully to contact TVAddicts. Once they have your money, fogeddaboudit -- they're finished with you. Do not use these people.

You WILL be disappointed. This was my first experience with being scammed. Since then I always check for reviews before purchasing anything on the web.

After I purchased DVDs from TVAddicts I read several TERRIBLE reviews about these people. My advice: always do a review check before buying.

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I'm sorry you were hoodwinked, Hacktank. Since I wrote my last comment I went through all the DVDs that were sent me by TVaddicts.

Not only were MOST of them unplayable but a couple of those that were working were not even related to what I ordered!!!! I'm tellin' ya!!!!

Why are they still able to do business. This should NOT have happened to you!


I am in the same boat as you. I have been waiting multiple months and my order has yet to arrive and they have not replied to my email. Warning to all: Don't be lazy like us, or you will be sorry.

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